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Well if you're wondering about that crazy bassist and pathetic back up singer he's none other than Dan VanderMeuse. He's been jammin now for about a year and a half. As much as he'd like to give credit to his natural talent (yeah right) he really owes his bass teacher also with the great name of Dan. "Moose", as often called by his bandmates, was co-founder of Stray Voltage with Rob. Moose is the man who talked Matt into buying a guitar and Cody into getting a drumset. Dan has had some more experience than the rest of the guys. He was asked to play at the county fair with another band and he accepted to get sum playin experience. Other than that he did play at Rob's party and is really psyched about the band's upcoming performance in the school's variety show. Stray Voltage promises to be the highlight of the show. Dan plays a red Ibanez GSR 100.