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the grand opening... let's have a party!
welcome to the grand opening of (sic) designs at! if you are one of the lucky first visitors to the site, you will be able to explore your options first. let me explain what this site is all about. you have a product, a company, or even some fan obsession that you are dying to get onto the internet. you only have one problem. what the hell does all of this crap mean, and how do i get my website to work i want it to? that is where i come in handy. i can build your website for a few precious dollars, and i will send you away with all smiles. sounds good doesn't it? it should. i know that all of the pages are mostly incapacitated as of right now, i'm getting to that. old updates will be a little over to the right, and farther right will be the top 10 songs of the week that i think deserve some attention from the great fans of music. check back in a day or two, pages will be up sooner than you know it!