[ July 11th, 2004 ]

Shawn goes back out 2 days later at Luxemburg Speedway to take the feature home, again passing Brian Bruechert, this time on the outside line. He made a 4 wide pass on a lap 14 restart to put him in 2nd place for the pass.

[ July 9th, 2004 ]

Kilgore stayed patient behind leader Brian Bruechert and eventually found his path on the inside to take the main at Luxemburg Speedway. He also won his heat race.

[ June 26th, 2004 ]

Shawn storms through the pack and passes Mike Weitor on the inside to pick up another victory at Thunderhill Speedway in Sturgeon Bay.

[ June 25th, 2004 ]

Shawn darted his way through the field within the first two laps of the feature event in Luxemburg and passed Brian Bruechert to take the lead. He created a sizable lead and never looked back for another feature win.

[ June 5th, 2004 ]

Kilgore captures the Stock Car Main at Sturgeon Bay one night after capturing the feature at Luxemburg Speedway.

[ June 4th, 2004 ]

Kilgore diced his way through the pack at Luxemburg Speedway en route to his 2nd feature victory in a row at Luxemburg on Miller Lite Night.

[ May 28th, 2004 ]

Shawn takes home the heat win and his 1st feature win at Luxemburg Speedway. Shawn took off from his pole starting position and built up a huge lead and never looked back.

[ May 16th, 2004 ]

One day after his 1st feature win of the season at Thunderhill, the #90 car of Kilgore took the lead and never gave it up as he took his 1st feature victory at Seymour's Tri Oval raceway.

[ May 15th, 2004 ]

Shawn charged to the front of the pack and held on to win his 1st feature of the 2004 season at Thunderhill Speedway, and also his 1st feature win of the season.

[ August 29th, 2003 ]

Kilgore takes his 2nd feature win at Luxemburg Speedway, by virtue of a pass on lap 20 of the 25 lap event.

[ June 21st, 2003 ]

On the last lap of the 20 lap feature, Kilgore takes advantage of Matt Junio and Pat Davister colliding to win his 1st feature of the season at Thunderhill.

[ May 2nd, 2003 ]

Shawn took the lead on a lap 8 restart to win the 22 lap feature event at Luxemburg.

[ July 28th, 2002 ]

Once Shawn takes a victory at Luxemburg or Sturgeon Bay, it seems as though he takes one the next night, as he does here at Seymour.

[ July 27th, 2002 ]

Shawn takes the high line en route to taking the lead on lap 15 to take his 2nd feature win at Thunderhill.

[ June 22nd, 2002 ]

Kilgore passed Benji LaCrosse on the last lap to win the feature at Thunderhill by half a car length.

[ September 2nd, 2001 ]

Kilgore takes his first ever feature victory at the Tri Oval in Seymour and also takes home the big division Nationals trophy.